Welcome to the new GCG Journal website!

From volume 15 number 2 onwards, the journal will be published by Georgetown University only. It will at no time cease to be published and will continue, uninterruptedly, to strengthen its editorial line and position.

Since Universia communicated to the Management Committee that journal publication was not included in its new strategic lines, we have together addressed how to at least sustain the legacy already recognised and how to make sure these changes affect the readers and authors of the journal as little as possible.

We would like to thank Universia for the opportunity it has provided to the Latin American academic community with the creation – together with Georgetown University – of the GCG Journal. Since the first issue was published in November 2017, 42 issues have been published faithfully complying with the frequency and guaranteeing internationally recognised principles of editorial quality. The GCG journal is indexed in the principle international repositories and databases and is a benchmark for the Latin American academic community.